Who let the dogs out phrase meaning? Tell them girls respond to the call. I hear a woman shout out. Who let the dogs out?” Here is the thing, it’s actually about men when they start to call women names and be really disrespectful, so they fire back by calling them dogs.

Where did the saying Who let the dogs out come from? “Who Let The Dogs Out” actually was a Trinidadian term that kind of means “the boys are in the club.” It’s a slang term that was used as a sample in songs.

Who wrote the song Who let the dogs out? 

Anslem Douglas
Who Let the Dogs Out / Composer

Anslem Douglas is a Trinidadian musician and composer. He is best known for the hit single “Doggie”, which was later covered by the Bahamian junkanoo band Baha Men as “Who Let the Dogs Out”.


Who did in fact let the dogs out? 

Who Let the Dogs Out
“Who Let the Dogs Out”
Songwriter(s) Anslem Douglas
Producer(s) Steve Greenberg Matthew Traynor
Baha Men singles chronology
“That’s the Way I Do It” (1997) “Who Let the Dogs Out” (2000) “You All Dat” (2001)

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Did anyone ever find out who let the dogs out?

As for who let them out, the Baha Men’s lead singer Isaiah Taylor has finally let the cat (or should that be the dog?) out of the bag. He told the Huffington Post: ‘I always say that that our drummer did that. ‘We say, ‘Hey, man, you let the dogs out!”

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TIL The song “Who Let The Dogs Out” is actually about disrespectful men at parties, not about ugly women.