What network does Tractive GPS use? In the United States, the Tractive GPS 3G Tracker runs on the 2G and 3G networks of T-Mobile, AT&T, and Viaero Wireless USA.

Does Tractive work without cell service? For live, active tracking however, cell service is usually needed so the tracker can actively send location data to your phone (or tablet, or computer) in real-time.

Does Tractive use WiFi? No, it is not necessary to have WiFi to use the Tractive GPS tracker. However, with our latest Dog and Cat tracker models, you can use WiFi to set up a Power Saving Zone and enjoy a longer battery life. Was this article helpful?

Does Tractive need a SIM card? All Tractive GPS trackers contain a built-in, non-exchangeable SIM card, which is compatible with multiple cellular networks in each country where Tractive operates. So it is not necessary to purchase a SIM card for your new Tractive GPS tracker.

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Can I use tractive without subscription?

Why do I need a Tractive subscription? Tractive GPS devices use mobile / cellular networks to send the GPS location of your cat or dog to your smartphone. Tractive covers the cost for data communication and only charges a flat subscription fee. So your dog and cat are safe 24/7 in over 175 countries worldwide.

Does GPS tracking require data plan?

GPS navigation usually works independently from needing a data connection. Although some apps require a data connection to allow their GPS functionality to work, there are GPS tracking apps that offer a robust offline navigation experience without that connection.

Why is my tractive not working?

Gently remove dirt or debris with a cloth or toothbrush. Try using a different power source to charge the GPS tracker. To check that the power source is working, plug in something else, such as a lamp. Note: 5V adapters with an output of 0.5A, 1A or 2A are safe for charging the Tractive GPS trackers.

How long does tractive battery last?

Our latest trackers have a battery life of up to 7 days thanks to the Power Saving Zones feature, which helps maximize battery life by saving a significant amount of power when your tracker is connected to a WiFi source in a safe area, such as your home.

How accurate is tractive?

How does it work? Tractive GPS is a small unit that you can attach to any collar (or maybe harness) and track your pet’s location on your phone or their website. It determines the location using GPS satellites with 7.8 m (25 ft) accuracy at a 95% confidence level.

What is the best dog GPS tracker?

  • Whistle GO Explore.
  • Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker.
  • Jiobit.
  • Fi Series 2 GPS Tracker Smart Dog Collar.
  • FitBark GPS Dog Tracker.
  • Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar.
  • Petfon 2 GPS Pet Tracker.
  • Cube Real-Time GPS Tracker.

Does Bluetooth use tractive?

Using the Tractive GPS’s Find Mode, you can use Bluetooth in addition to GPS to find your dog, cat or other pet. The tracking device also uses Wifi – three ways to locate your furry friend always, peace of mind for you.

Is the tractive waterproof?

Tractive GPS devices do not have sim-card openings or USB ports and are therefore not only protected against splashing water, but are also fully waterproof (up to 1 meter depth, 30 minutes) according to IPX7-standard.

What is the longest range GPS tracker?

RADACAT Releases the World’s Most Advanced, Off-Grid, Long-Range GPS Tracker and Communication Device
  • Six-mile range (42 miles with the relay feature on) for off-grid texting and location.
  • Built-in GPS for high accuracy.
  • 100% private network (128-bit encryption)
  • No monthly fees.
  • No reliance on service providers.

Is tractive care worth?

Is Tractive Worth It? Yes, we believe Tractive is an excellent tracking service for any dog or cat owner. Not only does it have unique features like AR, but it’s a reliable and user-friendly product for many pet owners if Tractive pet tracker reviews are anything to go by.

How far can a tracking device work?

GPS trackers maintain a constant connection and can provide an updated location at any time. Bluetooth trackers have a 200 – 300 ft maximum range because they depend on the strength of the Bluetooth signal between the finder and your mobile device.

How do I know if my car is being tracked?

How far do dog trackers reach?

Pet trackers work with either GPS or Bluetooth technology. A Bluetooth tracker will use the Bluetooth signal from the tracker on your pet’s collar, connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device. However, Bluetooth’s range is only around 30 feet, or 10 metres.

How do I block GPS tracking on my car?

Use a plug-in GPS blocker. A plug-in GPS blocker creates an interference signal that blocks vehicle GPS tracking. Simply plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter or auxiliary power outlet. When you turn the car on, the blocking device also turns on and your vehicle disappears from GPS monitors.

What will block a GPS signal?

Yes, the GPS signals can be blocked by wet trees, aluminum foil, plastic containers, or even a tin box filled with thick materials can block GPS signals.

Can aluminum foil block a GPS signal?

“Offenders have learned that wrapping the GPS device in aluminum foil can make the GPS tracking points untraceable and disappear.” School science demonstrations show how foil can block radio waves and silence radios.

How do you confuse a GPS tracking device?

How a GPS jammer works:
  1. The user plugs the jammer into the automotive auxiliary power outlet.
  2. The unit is placed close to the installed GPS tracker.
  3. When active, the GPS jammer generates an interference signal over a 5 to 10 meter radius to disrupt reception of the GPS satellite signal.