What are bench dogs used for? Bench dogs are a work bench accessory used to clamp work down to the table, or used as a stop when planing or sanding a piece. They can also be used as standoffs to keep work elevated off your workbench. Bench dogs fit snugly into openings drilled into the workbench and can be square or round.

Why are they called bench dogs? Technically, a simple peg installed in a dog hole in the top of a bench is a basic form of bench dog, though those dogs which clamp an item fast to the bench rather than merely sandwich it between itself and a dog on a vise, known as holdfasts, are most common.

Where do you put a bench dog? 

What are workbench dog holes for? Dog holes are used to secure what are called “bench dogs,” often made of medium-hard woods such as mahogany, cherry, and/or walnut. The wood used to create a bench dog must strong enough to hold your work, but still pliable so as not to damage the wood you’re working with.

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How far apart should bench dogs be?

Get your layout tools together and take time to thing about where you want your holes to be along the bench. I chose a spacing of 8 inches between holes because the holdfasts i had with the shortest reach were 4 inches so i knew that my other holdfast would reach at that distance.

How do you put a bench dog in a workbench?

Where do you put the holdfast hole?

The first hole to lay out is the one at the back left. It is 4” from the back edge of the bench and about 8” from the left end of the workbench. This hole is positioned so that the tip of the holdfast reaches to the right so that it is just in front of your planing stop.

Why do picnic tables have holes?

Some of the high-end tables produced today are a far cry from the old, rusty, broken down tables you might have seen in the past. Metal picnic tables with expanded or perforated surfaces are perfect for keeping maintenance easy and preventing graffiti.

What are anvil pegs used for?

It screws neatly onto the edge of your work bench or table and provides a flat, steel surface for hammering on and a wooden peg for supporting pieces when sawing, drilling, cutting, filing, sanding, stone setting and much more.

How do you make a workbench out of a dog hole?

What diameter are bench dog holes?

3/4 Inch System: Bench Dogs, Panel Clamps, Surface Vise, Bench Anchor, Planing Stop. Indispensable helpers in every woodshop. VERITAS Round Bench Dogs made of solid brass. They fit into a 3/4 inch (19 mm) hole drilled in any surface.

How far from the edge should dog holes be?

From the scale of the pictures, it sort of looks like the first line of holes is spaced about 3-4″ in from the edge (and then a second row another 6-8″ beyond that), with a between-hole spacing of about 6″.