Is Pawboost legitimate? This company is a complete scam. They use the information desperate pet owners provide in hopes of finding their missing animal and use it to scam people. I received messages claiming someone had my animal then demanding messages wanting me to provide a Google code.

How do I get back my lost pet? 

Table of contents
  1. Check at home first.
  2. Call and verify your lost dog’s microchip contact information.
  3. Determine your search radius.
  4. Search the area where the dog was lost.
  5. Report your dog missing and contact local shelters.
  6. Use Facebook and other social media networks.
  7. Make and distribute lost dog posters.

How do I find a lost pet in my area? Walk or drive through your neighborhood and post flyers in surrounding areas. Ask neighbors, letter carriers, and delivery drivers if they have seen your pet. According to an ASPCA survey, about half of missing dogs and a third of missing cats were found by searching their local neighborhoods.

How do you announce a missing cat? Post the missing pet online or in local papers.

If possible, take a photo of the pet and post fliers around the area where the pet was found. Be sure to also distribute the fliers to local veterinary clinics.

Is Pawboost legitimate? – Additional Questions

How do I post a missing pet on Facebook?

How to create a Facebook Page for your lost pet
  1. Select “Community or Public Figure”
  2. Add a Page Name – examples:
  3. Under Category put “Community”
  4. Add a Profile Picture and Cover Photo with photos of your missing pet.
  5. Add content to your page.

How do you make a lost pet flyer?

Making Posters & Flyers To Find Your Lost Pet Infographic
  1. Use phrases that instantly capture people’s attention such as “Lost Dog”.
  2. Insert a current photo of your pet.
  3. Add at least one phone number to the poster, so people know who to call in case they find your pet.

How do I write a lost cat post?

What to Include on A Missing Pet Poster
  1. Eye-Catching Headline. The headline needs to grab the attention of those passing by, encouraging them to look at the poster a little closer.
  2. Pet’s Name.
  3. A Brief Description of Your Pet.
  4. Date and Location Last Seen.
  5. Clear Current Photo.
  6. Contact Information.

How do I write a missing cat ad?

Missing Person / Animal Advertisement Examples
  1. Begin with ‘Missing’
  2. Give brief physical description.
  3. Mention name, age & identifying features,
  4. Since when/from where missing.
  5. Reward offered.
  6. Contact address and phone number.
  7. Person (specific) a height, complexion, build.
  8. Pet (specific) breed, colour of fur/skin, etc.

How do I write a lost dog post?

Have your pet’s photo and description ready to go, so that all you have to do is add the details of when and where your pet was lost and how you can be contacted if your pet is found or sighted. Complete your Lost Pet ad quickly and post it immediately on social media, where it can be seen and shared publicly.