Is it okay for dogs to just eat dog food? Fortunately for pet owners, dogs are just fine eating dry dog food. While many pets prefer wet dog food, because it is more palatable, that doesn’t mean that dry food isn’t a healthy option for dogs.

Is JustFoodForDogs vet recommended? Our vet support diets are the #1 veterinary recommended fresh food, as determined by an independent national survey of 16,000 veterinarians. This is because a whole-food diet is never more important than when you need to maintain your pet’s health.

Is JustFoodForDogs owned by Petco? Petco, the exclusively retailer of JustFoodForDogs, is expanding its partnership with the premium dog food company in a number of ways.

How does JustFoodForDogs work? Just Food For Dogs only uses real, whole-food ingredients (not powders), such as USDA-certified beef, sweet potatoes, and green beans. These ingredients are gently cooked instead of being scorched at high temperatures, in order to retain as much nutrition as possible.

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Why is JustFoodForDogs so expensive?

It should come as no surprise that fresh pet food is more expensive than kibble and canned dog food. There is a higher cost associated with using high-quality, human-grade ingredients, employing a team of veterinarians to develop recipes, and conducting feeding trials and other research.

Can I mix JustFoodForDogs with kibble?

Excellent and consistent quality and balanced nutrition! Our dogs love the homemade version, we can select the raw ingredients and save money.we mix with a high quality kibble and additional vegetables for a diet that gives both high quality proteins, fats, and appropriate carbohydrates.

How long does JustFoodForDogs last?

The reason for this is simple, the average shelf life of dog food is four years– even many of the premium priced brands fall into this category. Being stored for years at room temperature will never offer the nutritional value provided by fresh cooked ingredients that are instantly frozen.

Is JustFoodForDogs raw or cooked?

Contamination with pathogens.

coli are of particular concern. For this reason, the AVMA and the FDA have come out against the use of raw ingredients for commercial pet food, and JustFoodForDogs only uses lightly cooked ingredients in their homemade dog food recipes.

How is JustFoodForDogs made?

Made with 100% Human-grade Ingredients—JustFoodForDogs Fresh Frozen meals are crafted with 100% fresh, human-grade ingredients and are made without fillers, preservatives, growth hormones, BHA, BHT or artificial colorings.

What two brands is JustFoodForDogs comparable to?

  • The Farmer’s Dog.
  • Nom Nom.
  • Just Food for Dogs.
  • PetPlate.
  • Ollie.
  • Spot & Tango.

What ingredients are in JustFoodForDogs?

About this item. Real food for dogs – Human-edible Ground Turkey & Liver, Whole Wheat Macaroni, Carrots, Zucchini, Broccoli, Cranberries, Cod Liver Oil, & JFFD’s vet-developed Nutrient Blend.

Can I refreeze JustFoodForDogs?

Only food thawed in the refrigerator can be safely refrozen. This is the only safe method of thawing if you plan on breaking up a large 72-ounce package and refreezing portions for your smaller pets.

What is best raw food for dogs?

Some of the best raw meat options for dogs include chicken, turkey, beef, and lamb. These meats are packed with nutrients that your dog needs to stay healthy and thrive. When feeding your dog a raw diet, it’s important to make sure that you’re providing them with all of the nutrients they need.

Where is just dog food made?

And we do it all using ingredients that are 100% certified for human consumption by the USDA. We cook our food minimally in order to maximize the nutritional value and we do it in one of our four kitchens: Newport Beach, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and Manhattan Beach, California.

Does raw dog food need to be fully defrosted?

Although we recommend thawing out your pet’s raw meals, if you forget to thaw freezer-ready treats like raw meaty bones feel free to give them to your pet directly from the freezer.

Can I microwave raw dog food?

Do not microwave your dogs raw meat patties. Articles have been written about the dangers of microwave thawing. Convenience is the reason why anyone wants to do it but the value of the food can be compromised because it can be electromagnetically altering important food components.

Can you leave raw dog food out overnight?

We do not recommend leaving thawed raw food out for longer than 15 minutes. If your pet does not eat right away, you can offer them the food a little later. We also do not recommend leaving frozen raw food out of the fridge to thaw. Once food has thawed it is good for up to three days in your fridge.

Can dog eat cold food from fridge?

Purina advises that “you might consider microwaving wet foods (out of the can) for a short time. But avoid serving food that is either too hot or too cold.” So, there are owners who warm their dog’s chilled food to simply bring it back to room temperature or slightly above.

Can dogs eat ice cream?

Dogs Don’t Digest Milk Well

Eating ice cream may cause your dog a stomach ache or worse, depending on how sensitive they are. Ice cream can cause your dog gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or vomiting.

Do dogs prefer their food warm or cold?

As the weather gets cooler, your dog may be craving something a little warmer to hold them over. According to the American Kennel Club, 24% of Americans warm their dog’s food regularly. There’s some science behind this too – warming up food enhances taste and aroma, making it more appealing for your pooch to dig in.