Can you give a dog the Plan B pill? Used on its own, ECP is effective if administered within a 72 hours time-frame after the mating. ECP is not approved by the FDA for use in dogs.

Is there a pill to stop dog pregnancy? There are currently no approved medications to control the heat cycle in dogs in the United States or Canada. In the European Union countries, there are some medications that are used to prevent pregnancy and regulate estrus. Some of these drugs have a high incidence of serious, even life-threatening side effects.

How can you abort a dog at home? 

How much is an abortion for dogs? How Much Does a Dog Abortion Cost? In the case of accidental mating within the first 15 days of her heat cycle, the costs of dog abortion are between $45 and $175. Drug-induced methods are around $100-$700. When terminating a late pregnancy, using a surgical method, the abortion may cost $2.000 or even $3.000.

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Can you give a dog an abortion?

Can a Dog Have an Abortion? Pregnant female dogs can undergo an abortion in order to terminate their pregnancy using veterinarian solutions, either surgical or medical. It is legal in most states in North America, as well as in most countries.

How do you stop my dog from getting pregnant after she got stuck?

A set of hormone injections 24hrs apart that prevent pregnancy/induce an abortion. These typically are expensive, often as much as a spay. They can be used up to day 45 post mating.

What do I do if my dog is pregnant?

What To Do If You Think Your Dog is Pregnant
  1. Feed Your Dog Proper Nutrition.
  2. Take Your Dog to The Vet.
  3. Give Them a Comfortable Nesting Place.
  4. Keep Them Away From Other Dogs.
  5. Monitor Their Temperature.
  6. During the Puppies First Couple of Weeks.
  7. As The Puppies Get Older.

How can I make my dog miscarry?

Pregnant dogs can be aborted using a product called ALIZIN. Whilst it is registered for use in dogs as far pregnant as 45 days post mating, it is recommended to use this product prior to day 35 post mating.